Insurance Policies for Motor homes & Small Trailers

your car insurance policy

As soon as a motorhome or small trailer is connected to your car, a regular car insurance company will no longer cover you. If your car breaks down or something happens to your main vehicle. they will still help you. But they won’t cover anything that happens to your trailer. And if the motor home is a vehicle in itself, there will be no insurance company that accepts you for a regular car insurance policy. GEM Motoring Assist has specialised breakdown policies for all types of vehicles. Read reviews of GEM Motoring Assist here what should a good motor home or trailer insurance policy contain?

Roadside Assist

Many regular insurance companies won’t include it in their insurance policy, but it’s still important to make sure that roadside assist is covered. If you get stranded on the side of the road, you want someone to come and help you via emergency repairs. Maybe your car insurance policy will already cover it. If not, you should take out a separate policy. Determine if this policy is only for cars or also for other motorised vehicles such as motor homes. And is a trailer included or does it need it own separate cover?

Vehicle Recovery

If the vehicle can’t be repaired on the spot, you need it to be taken to the nearest garage. That is what a good breakdown cover should do for you. You yourself will need a temporary vehicle or at least a ride home. Maybe you have an appointment that you can’t miss or someone waiting for you back home. You will want a breakdown cover to take you where you need to be. Don’t forget that vehicle recovery for motorhomes and trailers often require specific covers, so always check if the policy provides enough cover for the entire vehicle. not just the car.

Home Assistance

The same roadside assist crew should also help you when you want to leave home and the car doesn’t start. You might be able to replace your trailer’s flat tire yourself, but replacing the tire of your motorhome is a bit more difficult. And if something else is going on, you might not even know where to start.

Car Insurance Policies

In the case of a car insurance policy, there are specific rules for what you are allowed to tow. These rules are important if you want to tow a trailer. Of course, you need to check if your driver’s license allows you to tow the vehicle that you want to tow. Vans and minibuses already require a specific kind of driver’s licence. Then, you should investigate what the maximum authorised mass of your car is.

your car insurance policyCaravans

Caravans are a special case. Some insurance policies do cover them while other insurances don’t. Getting caravan insurance isn’t mandatory, but it’s wise to find a policy that does cover your mobile home. Your caravan often contains lots of personal items. Therefore, the best insurance policy also includes “away from home”. This policy is or should be, part of your home insurance policy.

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