Review of Stitch fix a new idea in the online shopping world

Review of Stitch fix a new idea

Stitch fix is a different concept as compared to the other common e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. Most of the websites have no user interaction while you order i.e. they might send you promotional items according to the past purchases or new items that they have launched. But none of the websites suggest you what you must order and what will suit your body or skin tone or the occasion for which you are buying the stuff. But on stitch fix, you will get personalized stuff and suggestions, selected exclusively for you.

features of stitch fix

While shopping in a mall or a store we miss out many of the experience and want a lot of customization. So if you are tired of being a shopaholic and still not get the product of your choice then check out stitch fixes to get a personalized outfit. There are pros and cons of the website and below you can find an unbiased stitch fix review.

Salient features of stitch fix 

While shopping at a mall or a store you get to choose from hundreds of dresses, but you must choose it on your own. This website has a stylist to do that job for you, but you get only five options to choose from at a time and for that, you have to pay 20$ which are credited to your purchase later on. In online shopping, you do not get the touch, feel and size estimates and many a time you have to return the products at your own expense. Stitchfix gives a pleasant experience as you get the products that fit your body and style. Also, it is time-saving as you get the things right at your doorstep without much hassle or browsing the net.

The products are priced reasonably and will suit your budget. It is like having a personal stylist for you with no cost involved. You can select products in 3 days and then you must return. If you do not return within 3 days then you have to pay for the entire box so keep that in mind. Overall it is a recommended website with lots of good stitch fix review. So you must definitely try ordering from this store. You will surely subscribe to more recurring shipments in the upcoming days. Happy shopping for reputable and affordable rates.

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